Coffee By Design GM Kevin Gaspardi leads latest trip to origin

Origin experiences are essential to what we do. We travel because it’s important to know and understand all that goes into the production and export of the coffee we love so much. Participating in the picking and sorting and learning about the region’s changing agriculture and new developments, provides an irreplaceable connectivity to the people living in these coffee growing regions.

Kevin Gaspardi, our GM, led the most recent trip to Hacienda La Minita and La Pastora, both in Costa Rica. His special guests on this journey were the winners of the ILAP auction from CeleSoirée 2017. These curious travelers experienced the same treatment as our employees and representatives from our retail accounts— a lot of hard work and an immersion into coffee growing culture, plus a lot of fun.

Like anyone traveling with us for the first time, they had no idea what to expect. They arrived ready to help, explore and learn how coffee production really works.

“It’s interesting to see it through someone else’s eyes. They are excited to be there because of the coffee. They ask great questions about employment practices, education and healthcare and quality of life. Like everyone at Coffee By Design they really care about the farmers and value how much we contribute directly to these communities.” – Kevin Gaspardi

These are some photos from this winter’s trip. Click through and let us know if you have any questions. If you see Kevin at Diamond Street or any of our coffeehouses, stop him and ask about this trip. He’d love to fill you in.