A Global Event: Coffee Days, Honoring Women In Coffee

Please join us for a Global Celebration as we honor Women in Coffee during National and International Coffee Days, September 29 – October 1. We will highlight the work of the local non-profit organization ‘New Ventures Maine’ and our Coffee Partners at IWCA, the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.

We will be serving Coffee By Design ‘Organic Girl Blend‘ all weekend and inviting everyone to contribute at check-out, to help make positive change happen, here and everywhere.

Additionally for the very first time, we will be taking pre-orders of an extremely limited edition Harvest Reserve: Olga Hazard’s Guatemala Atitlan Finca Los Andes Geisha. This is from our longtime friend Olga Hazard’s farm in Guatemala. This begins September 29 at all CBDs and will continue until October 9. Coffee may be picked up starting October 12.

Thank you!