International Women’s Day 2018

A great day with Waleska and Diana of IWCA Honduras and Nancy Langer.

I should start at the very beginning I guess. Why should you care about women in coffee?

Supporting women in coffee is not just about women. It is about creating sustainable communities and a standard of living in which people may thrive, not just survive.

I have met women who have lost their husbands due to untimely deaths and have, as one person put it, pulled their pants on and take over the farm when those skills were not known to them but there were children to feed and workers to support.

I have met women who have never been handed money for their hard labor as it is the custom for only men to receive and then have that money not spent to support the family.

Santa Rosa, GuatemalaThere are young women who are well educated and follow the opportunities which are there for them in the larger cities. But there is an allegiance to carry on the tradition of the family farm…fourth generation and fifth I met. They work in the City. Raise families. But a couple of days a week and every weekend and vacation they are on the farm searching for ways to improve the diversity and quality of the crop and explore new revenue streams to keep the farms open for business.

Visiting La TostaduriaWomen in coffee is about supporting entire families, towns and regions from where we enjoy the fruits of their labor in our daily cup of coffee. Without women in coffee, quite simply, there is no coffee.

I have the gift of being able to travel and hear their stories. It is my responsibility to be sure these stories are told.

Mary Allen Lindemann

A great day with Waleska and Diana of IWCA Honduras and Nancy Langer

Tour and cupping with the owners of Santa Ana Farm, Pueblo Nuevo Vinas, Santa Rosa, Guatemala

Visiting La Tostaduria, Celeste Fumagalli de Recinos’s coffee roastery!