Meet the new CBD brand

For more than a year, we have worked hard developing our brand’s new look and feel— our logo, coffee bags and cups, store signage, website and so much more was examined and considered. We haven’t done this in 20 years, so you can imagine our nervousness. Today, just as it has been since 1994, our identity is all about expressing the joy we have in our global presence and our local personality. We think the new look is more representative of who we are today — and we hope you agree!

Coffee By Design Bag Design

To shed light on the process and vision behind our new look we wanted to share this research and positioning.

Our new logo — The Strength of Community

The evolution of the Coffee By Design branding was both practical and conceptual. Our brand identity has been modernized and expanded for use throughout all media. The abstract, three-cup, “community logo” is an evolution of the original singular cup design. The bird’s eye perspective of three cups is symbolic of the experience and growth of our beloved Maine craft coffee brand. More importantly, it is a celebration of the neighborhood coffeehouse and larger coffee community.

Coffee By Design Rebrand

Brand ethos — Celebrate Creativity & Community

Anyone who has been with us from the beginning will remember the birth of Coffee By Design in the “porn district” of Portland, Maine– now the city’s thriving Arts District. “By Design” expresses passion and support of the arts community and craft of coffee. It also refers to the finesse and artistry involved in not only the making of coffee, but also the business of coffee. Global partnerships, sourcing, roasting, blending, and brewing takes years of experience and the support of a passionate coffee community.

Coffee By Design Bag Inside

Dedication to creativity and the arts goes well beyond a marketing statement. We regularly commission art, have created and continue to support scholarships for the arts; we have supported, featured, and sold local and national artists in our coffeehouses. And we always will.

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