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Edmund S. Muskie Access to Justice Award

When we started Coffee By Design in 1994 we had two things in mind. First was to work hard and grow our business. Next was to support Portland, Maine’s arts and social change communities. As timed passed and Portland experienced immense change our business expanded and so did our passion for this city, and for everyone in our community. All of the hard work and commitment to our neighbors has led to wonderful connections and friendships, even in places as
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The PBA 🎳 Pros are back, we have tickets to this sold out tournament

Our neighbors Bayside Bowl are hosting the PBA Elias Cup tournament again, Saturday and Sunday, April 21-22. As Bayside Bowl’s coffee sponsor we have tickets to this sold out tournament. This year, we have decided to award our tickets to some lucky CBD customers. With no hoops to jump through and no purchase required to enter, we hope you will follow this link and sign up. We’ll email our winners Thursday, April 19 at noon. Go for it and good
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