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Everyone is welcome at our Table

Almost exactly one year ago Coffee By Design became a Certified B Corp. This was a massive milestone for our company. Becoming a B Corp reaffirmed our commitment to how we do business, which has always been to consider how decisions impact everything around us. Also it placed us in the growing community of 2,100+ corporations in 50 countries and 130 industries, working together toward one unifying goal: to redefine success in business. B Corp performance standards are comprehensive, transparent
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Coffee By Design Bags

Meet the new CBD brand

For more than a year, we have worked hard developing our brand’s new look and feel— our logo, coffee bags and cups, store signage, website and so much more was examined and considered. We haven’t done this in 20 years, so you can imagine our nervousness. Today, just as it has been since 1994, our identity is all about expressing the joy we have in our global presence and our local personality. We think the new look is more representative
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