Three amazing Maine groups earn 2017 Rebel Blend fund grants

Today was a big day at Coffee By Design. We distributed our 20th annual Rebel Blend fund arts grants to the three amazing Maine groups: Bring on the Arts Back to the Grange in Harraseeket; Maine Storytelling Muster Outreach, and Make Music Day Portland. This year, $5,300 was distributed. Since introducing Rebel Blend grants, 19 years ago, over $80,000 has been awarded.

2017 Rebel Blend Winners:

Bring the Arts Back to the Grange!
Bring the Arts Back to the Grange received $2,800. The Harraseeket Grange no. 9 is one of the oldest Granges in Maine. The Grange, today, mirrors the original concept with rites that are the same as those performed across the country since 1874. Artists, farmers, musicians, film makers, environmentalists and farm to table proponents are working hard to return the Grange to the role of a vital cultural center that showcases arts and community. (Learn more)

Maine Storytelling Muster Outreach
Maine Storytelling Muster Outreach received $1,000. The Maine Muster brings together storytellers from the Northeast to share their art, engage communities and learn from each other. Their outreach program intends to bring storytellers to Bangor, Northern Aroostook and Southern Aroostook to increase the awareness of storytelling with workshops, swaps, performances and inviting others to participate in the art and craft of storytelling. (Learn more)

Make Music Day Portland
Make Music Day Portland received $1,500. Make Music Day Portland is a community event that strengthens social and cultural ties, elevates Portland’s international status, and supports amateur and professional musicians. Occurring each year on the summer solstice all around greater Portland, the event is a day of free musical concerts, lessons, jam sessions, and join-in programming. During this daylong celebration, the city comes alive with music with performances on city sidewalks, in parks, patios, and even on back porches. (Learn more)

How it works

The fund is supported through the purchase of the company’s Rebel Blend coffee. Rebel Blend combines beans from three major growing regions: Asia, Americas and Africa. $1 from each pound sold or brewed in CBD coffeehouses is contributed to the fund and the total amount from yearly sales is awarded to the winners.

Rebel Blend winners are chosen each year by a team of CBD employees from each of the coffeehouses, the roastery and management, who review all applications and determine where the grant money will be most beneficial. To be considered for Rebel Blend funding, applicants must submit art projects within the state of Maine along with a detailed description of how their projects would benefit from the grant money.

Rebel Blend fund applications are accepted annually from July 1 – September 15

Androscoggin Bank proudly supports Coffee By Design’s Rebel Blend Fund by recognizing this year’s recipients in an upcoming Mainebiz ad.