The Ultimate Coffee Lover Holiday Gift

The gift of coffee is always appreciated but picking perfect coffees is not easy. No worries, we have done the shopping (and packing). Choose one of our Coffee Lover Holiday Gift Boxes. Each box includes three 1lb bags of some of our most cherished and unique coffees and they are sure to make strong and lasting impressions ❤️ ☕️ ❤️


Africa is the birthplace of coffee, and each country is known for its unique coffee characteristics. Burundi coffees are grown on small farm holdings and are generally bright, acidic, and fruity. The Beans of Burundi  Coffee Lovers Gift Box includes three 1lb bags >>> Learn More



Share the coffee love this season. We’ve created three unique gift boxes filled with our pick of CBD coffees for the holidays. Available while they last. The CBD Best Blends Coffee Lovers Gift Box includes three 1lb bags >>> Learn More




These coffees have strong women leadership and management, often in regions where cultural barriers to success can be challenging or even dangerous. The Sisters In Coffee Gift Box includes three 1lb bags >>> Learn More