From the beginning, we have embraced our commitment to local arts and social change. From our many sponsorships of community arts organizations and beloved Rebel Blend Fund to our work with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) in Burundi and the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP) in Portland.


The Arts & Social Change

Rebel Blend Fund

For every pound of Rebel Blend coffee sold or brewed at Coffee By Design coffeehouses during the year, $1 is donated to the Rebel Blend Fund.

Every year CBD accepts proposals from Maine artists and/or small arts organizations whose projects may fall between the funding cracks. A committee made up of CBD staff members awards several grants. The Rebel Blend committee looks for thought-provoking projects that have the potential to engage people across the state in meaningful conversation.

The Rebel Blend Fund application form is available online or at any Coffee By Design coffeehouse. The 2018 Rebel Blend grant applications deadlines will be announced during spring. Awards will be announced in October.

Coffee By Design Community

Three Rebel Blend Grants were awarded in 2017:

Bring on the Arts Back to the Grange! The Harraseeket Grange no. 9 is one of the oldest Granges in Maine. The Grange, today, mirrors the original concept with rites that are the same as those performed across the country since 1874. Artists, farmers, musicians, film makers, environmentalists and farm to table proponents are working hard to return the Grange to the role of a vital cultural center that showcases arts and community.

Maine Storytelling Muster Outreach The Maine Muster brings together storytellers from the Northeast to share their art, engage communities and learn from each other. Their outreach program intends to bring storytellers to Bangor, Northern Aroostook and Southern Aroostook to increase the awareness of storytelling with workshops, swaps, performances and inviting others to participate in the art and craft of storytelling.

Make Music Day Portland Make Music Day Portland is a community event that strengthens social and cultural ties, elevates Portland’s international status, and supports amateur and professional musicians. Occurring each year on the summer solstice all around greater Portland, the event is a day of free musical concerts, lessons, jam sessions, and join-in programming. During this daylong celebration, the city comes alive with music with performances on city sidewalks, in parks, patios, and even on back porches.


Rebel Blend Fund

Coffee Partners

Wholesale Partners

Coffee By Design’s wholesale partners help us share our handcrafted coffee throughout the state of Maine—and other states too! We service a wide range of businesses, including restaurants and hotels, cafes and bakeries, schools and churches, markets and workplaces. Here’s just a sampling of our partners:

  • 158 Pickett Street Cafe
  • Back Bay Grill
  • Bayside American Cafe
  • Becky’s Diner
  • Boone’s Fish House & Oyster Room
  • Bow Street Market
  • Cafe Creme
  • Coffee ME Up
  • David’s 388
  • Fore Street
  • Grace Restaurant
  • Green Elephant
  • The Grill Room
  • The Holy Donut
  • Inn By The Sea
  • L.L.Bean
  • Little Dog Cafe
  • Lois’ Natural Marketplace
  • Maine College of Art
  • Maplefields
  • Maple’s
  • Portland Food Co-op
  • The Press Hotel
  • Rí Rá
  • Rosemont Market & Bakery
  • Rusty Lantern
  • Scratch Baking Co.
  • Sebasco Harbor Resort
  • Standard Baking Co.
  • Street and Company
  • Sunday River
  • TIQA
  • UNUM
  • University of Maine at Farmington
  • University of Maine at Orono
  • University of Southern Maine
  • WEX

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Farm Partners

There is no Coffee By Design without the coffee bean farmers and co-ops we work with, located in a variety of regions across the globe. Our strong business relationships with them make for the best (and most socially responsible) coffee we can make for you.


Farm/Co-op: Fazenda Agua Limpa
Region: Cerrado
Farmer: Don Sergio de Assis

Farm/Co-op: Fazenda Planalto
Region: Minas Gerais
Farmer: Don Sergio Montavanine


Farm/Co-op: International Women's Coffee Alliance, Burundi Chapter
Region: Ngozi
Chapter President: Isabelle Sinamenye


Farm/Co-op: Hacienda La Arboleda
Region: Antioquia
Farmer: Gonzalo Alvarez

Costa Rica

Farm/Co-op: Hacienda La Minita
Region: Tarrazú
Farmer: La Minita, Inc.

Farm/Co-op: Hacienda Rio Negro
Region: Coto Brus
Farmer: La Minita, Inc.

Farm/Co-op: Finca La Pastora
Region: Santa María de Dota
Farmer: Minor Picado

Farm/Co-op: Finca La Candelilla
Region: Tarrazú
Farmer: Rafael and Lucia Sanchez

El Salvador

Farm/Co-op: Finca Santa Emilia
Region: Cerro El Tigre
Farmer: The Homberger Family


Farm/Co-op: Nura Korate Cooperative, Sidamo Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union
Region: Sidama
Co-op President: Tsegaye Anebo SCFCU


Farm/Co-op: Finca Los Andes
Region: Atitlán
Farmer: Olga and James Hazard


Farm/Co-op: Capucas Cooperative
Region: Copan
Co-op President: Jose Omar Rodriguez


Farm/Co-op: Sriwijaya
Region: Sumatra
Everything Guy: Ric Harinyato


Formed in 1971, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) is the oldest and largest state organic organization in the country. A business member since 2009, CBD supports MOFGA's mission to bring high quality, locally produced organic food to the Maine’s tables.