Upcoming Events

July 2018

City at Your Feet Scavenger Hunt

11 a.m.

Portland Trails’ City at Your Feet is a cross-town scavenger hunt and people-powered trail adventure.

July 2018

Community Doula Project: Midsummer Brunch

The Shop @ 123 Washington Avenue, Portland, Maine 04101
9:30 to Noon

The Community Doula Birth Program is a nonprofit that connects doulas with low income pregnant women and their families as well as providing mentoring for new doulas. This family friendly event is intended to bring people together to celebrate doula assisted birth and raise money for The Community Doula Birth Program.

TICKETS: $10 per person, Kids under 5 are free

August 2018

7th Annual Summer Slam

Fox Street basketball courts

The 7th Annual Summer Slam Event will take place at the Fox Street basketball courts on Saturday, August 11