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Craft-Roasted Coffees From Portland, Maine

Organic Peru Chanchamayo Aproselva Co-Op

Hazelnut + Chocolate + Almond

/ 16 oz

Peru APROSELVA coffee is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Asociación de Productores Cafetaleros Selva Central (APROSELVA), which was established in 2012 to support coffee producers in central highlands of the Junín Region, Peru. APROSELVA provides training and financing aimed at improving coffee quality and yields to increase farmer earnings. On average, each producer cultivates 10 hectares of land with a diversity of crops including coffee and citrus fruit. The coffee producing community has maintained a rich indigenous culture and many people continue to speak native languages like Quechua. The cup is exceptionally balanced and incredibly sweet. This cup is a great compliment to a leisurely weekend brunch.