How Do You Love Your Coffee?

For hundreds of years, coffee has brought people together, connecting artists, business owners, neighbors and new friends. At Coffee By Design, we travel from Portland, Maine to farms around the world to find the most distinctive beans, then roast every batch with care and precision. CBD’s collection of coffees has something for everyone in the community, including you.

Straight up, latte, decaf or sweet – because there’s no wrong way to love coffee.



To find your polling place, call your town hall, or go to today!

On November 6th, wear your “I voted” sticker and get a free small (8 oz.) coffee at any CBD.



Women in Coffee Weekend: Supporting New Ventures Maine

During Women in Coffee Weekend, September 29 -Oct 1, 2018, at all Coffee By Design coffeehouses we will be serving Coffee By Design ‘Organic Girl Blend‘ all weekend and inviting
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Guatemala Atitlan Finca Los Andes Geisha

Harvest Reserve: Guatemala Atitlan Finca Los Andes Geisha from Olga Hazard This is one of just three bags of Guatemala Geisha produced by Olga Hazard this year — We are
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Go To The Source

Coffee By Design Source Map

We offer a variety of coffees that taste great – and you can feel good about buying. For more than 20 years, we have roamed the planet searching for the best coffee regions with growing conditions that meet our high standards for environmental and economic sustainability. We seek only the top 1% of Arabica coffee beans that are picked and sorted by hand.

Community First

From the beginning, we have embraced our commitment to local arts and social change. We continue to grow and strengthen communities – in Portland, across Maine, and around the world.

The Arts and Social Change


For every pound of Rebel Blend coffee sold or brewed at Coffee By Design coffeehouses during the year, $1 is donated to the Rebel Blend Fund. Every year CBD accepts proposals from Maine artists and/or small arts organizations whose projects may fall between the funding cracks. A committee made up of CBD staff members selects several grants. The Rebel Blend committee looks for thought-provoking projects that have the potential to engage people across the state in meaningful conversation.